Our Tree Roots Clearing Systems

Tree Roots create massive problems for your drains. If they are planted too close to your sewer pipes, they often grow straight into them. This has affected many households and causes an endless amount of plumbing nightmares which are often expensive to deal with.

The tree roots then go on to damage fences or retaining walls, paving and they create cracks in your foundations.

Sewer Pipes

When Sewer Pipes Get Blocked:

The give-away signs are often unpleasant smells in the toilet, laundry or the bathrooms. This usually tells you that your drains are blocking or damaged & you will see overflows. At this point, you will not want to pour anything that is hazardous down the drain as the consequences could be more damaging to the property. In particular, this applies to chemicals.

Why Does This Happen?

Tree roots are a living organism and rely on absorbing water for survival. This is how they get their nutrients and grow. This is more servers in drought conditions. Roots have been known to travel a long way for their source of water and this is how the problem begins.

Any shift in ground movement leads to pipes cracking. This is often the sewer pipes and the storm water pipes. The roots will then get into the cracks and amplify the damage. If the damage is not addressed immediately, it will only get worse. They will completely fill up the pipes and your drains will be blocked. This of course, leads to smells and sewage spills.

Which pipe is best for this type of problem?

Clay pipes have been shown to be more porous and so they are a perfect target for roots and this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to your property. PVC is more versatile and has fewer joints. Therefore, PVC is better able to resist and adapt to root intrusion. As well as this, PCV is lightweight and that makes the installation process easier.

Regular Maintenance

Regular Maintenance

The best you can do for your property is to provide for regular maintenance. This prevents growth and that prevents drain problems & root intrusion later on.

Less damage means less expense and regular maintenance can save you thousands of pounds in the longer term.

We can talk you through your various options and bring an expert eye to the process.

1. Mechanical Eel
2. High Pressure Jetter

Once the drain is clear and blockages are removed, we then apply a root foaming treatment which prevents further growth and allows your drains to work exactly as they were designed to.

Roots will rot and serious problems are avoided.

Call us and ask about your best maintenance options. Let our expert technicians advise you.

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