A detailed Guide on How to Unblock Drains

A blocked drain is a big headache that no one should deal with, whether it is your domestic property or any commercial building. A blocked drain can be a real mess and highly toxic for living organisms if they do not come with a proper suit and protection wear. It can also be expensive if not managed appropriately. An inexperienced person is more likely to do damage than repair, this is a sensitive situation because the damage has been done underground which cannot be easily understood from the outside.

How do drains get blocked?

There are many reasons for drain blockage, most of them seem minor but have a major impact. The followings are the list of object which causes drain blockage-

  • Invasion of old tree root
  • Poor workmanship or installation
  • Food waste- food particles go down your drain, and they can quickly clog your drain
  • Toilet Paper- Too much toilet paper can clog your drains and stop your toilets from flushing
  • Accumulation of Hair- hair bind with grease and other sticky substances to form clogs
  • Minerals- minerals are hard to dissolve in water and can cause insoluble masses that will easily block your drains.
  • Strong weather- Heavy rain and storms sometimes overwhelm drains, especially drains that are not in great condition.

Of course, there isn’t any perfect solution for all types of drainage issues, but if you can handle a minor problem with great efficiency you can prevent it from becoming a bigger one. The first thing you should do, the moment you realise there is a problem is to call us. We will thoroughly help you with the best available solution.

Also, if you are thinking of ways to properly unblock the drainage system, read further-

Indications of Blocked Drain

Blockages in drains can result in both human and animal health problems in addition to the destruction of property. The following are the early indicators of a blocked drain:

1. Peculiar foul smell
The first indication can be a peculiar odour. Most of the time, this smell is sewage-like, and you might enter your bathroom for more evidence.

2. Drain leakage
Most likely, you’re comfortable with having everything go down the drain. It is therefore quite unsettling to see water leaking back up. A blockage is present if your drainage is leaking.

3. Bubbling noises
All the water that is accumulating and pressing against the pipe will make bubbling noises. If you encounter this, a blockage is frequently the cause of your issue.

4. Take a long time to drain
When draining your sink or using a shower, you may find that the water accumulates for a longer period than usual. When left unattended, the problem usually gets worse rather than better, indicating that the blockage is deteriorating.

How To unblock drainage on your own?

The methods of unblocking drains depend on the kind of drain which is blocked. For instance, if the drain of your shower is blocked, then you can easily go to the store and purchase a good household drain unblocker. Pour that unblocker on the drain and leave it for a few hours, it will dissolve the solid matter which blocked the drain. Slowly you will notice the free flow of water. But if the issue is much more complicated or if the blocked drain is related to any problem with the ground layer, or soil, then you cannot fix it by yourself or by using any product. Call your local specialist to unblock your drainage, with the proper equipment and expertise it is guaranteed to be fixed.

What is the mechanism of drain cleaners or unblockers?

If it concerns unclogging drains in the domestic property, such as those found in basins for bathrooms, a moderate cleaning solution is used. It involves pouring a heavy solution over the solid matter and allowing it to settle down. Since the majority of the accumulation comes from showering waste like hair and soap, the solvents will gradually break down the debris and the solutions will wash it down the sewer, clearing your drain of any blockages.

Homemade techniques to unclog outdoor drains

1. Using Plunger

If your sink is clogged, fully cover the drain with the plunger. To ensure a tight seal, briefly run the water while applying the plunger to the drain. Start your plunge with a quick, short up-and-down motion. Repeat this for 10 seconds or until you feel the clog in the sink clear. This cycle might need to be repeated numerous times.

2. Wire Clothes Hanger

The accumulation of hair is by far the most typical cause of a clogged shower drain. Most of the time, your closet contains a quick and simple remedy. Make a wire hanger straight. Put the U-shaped, hooked end into the sewer and attempt to grasp the hair knot. Once you’ve taken out everything, flush any hair right down the drain with hot water as soon as possible.

This method also works to get rid of food that got caught in your sink.

3. Chemical Drain Unblockers

When it comes to unblocking a blocked drain, a quick trip to your food shop will work. However, make sure you purchase a pair of long latex gloves as well as some protective eyewear. Follow the instructions precisely to clear the blockage when using chemical drain cleaners. These substances have the potential to cause blindness or burning. Splashing is also a serious problem.

But this isn’t just a safety measure. Different remedies are needed for various types of clogged drains for them to work. A stagnant water blockage in a sink, for instance, must be handled better than a sluggish bathtub clog.

5. Wooden Pump

Get ready your tools
You will need the following tools for DIY drain unblocking

  • A broom handle
  • 2-litre bottle
  • Metal Jar Lid
  • Few screws
  • Mask and hand gloves

4. Dish Soap and Boiling Water

Consider a sensible approach of hot water and soap instead of strong chemical cleansers, which can occasionally damage your drain.
Put some water to a boil and stir a few teaspoons of liquid detergent to unclog greasy sink drains. Make use of regular dish soap. The treatment with hot water will soften the grease in your drain, making it easier to remove.

The next Homemade techniques can also assist in clearing clogged drains. Read the detailed instructions to improve your situation.

1. Prepare the Bottle

Use a plastic bottle for this do-it-yourself project. Due to the fact that the substance softens at room temperature and stiffens at cold.

Making two identical V-shaped rectangles requires cutting the bottle’s head, bottom, and the bottle itself. Once the container has been trimmed, place both parts in the boiling water and let them sit for five minutes.

Now that the Homemade device is ready, it can be pumped into the sink. Push all the up and down for a short while to remove every obstruction.

Due to the fact that this is a handmade item, a waiting period may be required. Until the obstacle is cleared, you should keep raising and lowering the plunger.

2. Cut the plastic nicely

Plastic stretches and becomes flat when it is put in the boiled water. Estimate the pipe’s width and trim the plastic into a circle that is roughly 20 mm larger.

3. Let’s begin the preparation

Now secure the cutout plastic to the pole. Create a circle upon that jar lid that has the same diameter as a wooden pole. Prepare two cuts by drilling through the cover and through the pole’s tip. Place the two circular plastic bits on top of the pole, and afterwards drive mounting bolts into each to fasten them. Drill guide holes in the pole to fasten the line fittings. Another option is to secure a screw hook to the wooden pole.

To ensure that if it falls off because of overuse, it may be pulled out. Since plastic degrades quickly, the entire item must be thrown away.

4. Pump Into the Drain

Now that the Homemade device is ready, it can be pumped into the sink. Push all the up and down for a short while to remove every obstruction.

Due to the fact that this is a handmade item, a waiting period may be required. Until the obstacle is cleared, you should keep raising and lowering the plunger.

You might need professional help for major problems such as-

1. Excavation

Excavation is required in cases of serious drain blockages. Excavation must be done all around the drain to replace or restore a few pipes. This kind of strategy may not always be required, but it can prevent serious harm to the remainder of your pipes.

2. Pipe relining

The pipe is relined using versatile equipment and resin once the troublesome impediment has been removed. Drain blockages can have a variety of causes. Some of these are apparent, but you might not even think of others. If you notice gurgling sounds, slow drains, or bad odours, try employing one of the home remedies we’ve suggested. Whenever they stop working, it’s time to call an expert.

3. Hydro Jet Service

Many strategies can be applied to tackle more severe outside issues, but the hydro jet is one of the most economical. To clear the pipes and also get them functioning again quickly, this powerful jet may remove waste, sludge, trash build up, and filth. If this doesn’t clear clogs from large drains, suction unclogging may be necessary to apply.

4. CCTV Drain Survey

CCTV drain studies are used to determine the structural state of underground drainage system pipes. Defective drains sometimes threaten the properties they support and are frequently identified as a significant contributor to collapse. Our CCTV drainage studies effectively discover the blockages and locate them, assisting in the rapid repair of the damage. For simple and quick blockage clearance, we’ll assist in determining the underlying problem.

Final thoughts

The exterior drain is challenging to get rid of on your own. This is because you can’t locate the ideal remedy if you can’t identify the obstacle. People believe they can unclog the exterior blocked drain by employing chemicals. However, using reactive chemicals to unclog drains isn’t a permanent strategy that is efficient since acids can harm plastic drains. However, if you work with experts, you’ll be able to get your obstacle cleared swiftly and receive an accurate evaluation as well.

You must stay away from toxins if you want good results. You can get in touch with experts since we offer:

  • Highly Capable Personnel
  • Rapid response
  • Fully Licensed and Approved Contractor
  • Affordable Price
  • The ideal prolonged remedy
  • For our clients’ sense of security and high levels of satisfaction, we have experts on call 24X7