Environmentally Friendly Rat Prevention System for Drains and Sewers

The “Rat Blocker”system was designed to prevent rats from entering properties via the drain systems or the sewer pipes.Installing this system will protect your property from Rats and the damage they do to drains, which is often considerable.

The system is designed in a way so that existing rats can exit the drains but they cannot then go back in. The system is also designed to prevent other problem animals such as frogs which are also known to cause damage in the pipework.

This has been a huge problem in the catering & hospitality industry where café’s, restaurants, hotels and other areas have needed to be shut down due to problems with rats and this has often meant a big hit on the revenues of a business.

All of these problems are easy to avoid if you install a “Rat Blocker”. Rats also are responsible for water contamination and of course, are commonly known for the spreading of diseases.

Our system is both inexpensive and also environmentally friendly & in 95% of the cases, has prevented rats & removed the problem. The final point is that it also removes the need to continually use poison as a solution. Rats, over the years, have developed resistance to some poisons, thus rendering them ineffective.

Rats Found in Redundant Drain Section
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